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October 18, 2011

Confession: I judge a book by its cover.

Judge a book by its cover

Photo Credit: Jane Mount of Ideal Bookshelf

I often judge a book by its cover. If the images on the cover don’t appeal to me I may not be the intended audience. The work above is the most perfect gift for me (hint hint). As an English major I read the classics and then fell in love with historical fiction. I have so many categories of favorite books the gorgeous work by artist Jane Mount as featured in In Style’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is almost too overwhelming to imagine. Relax, calm down, they are “just” book covers! Yes, but the covers are the first introduction to the characters I’ve fallen in love with and grown up with. Nothing is just a book cover!

If the author doesn’t take ownership (personally, not legally) of the cover of their book their readers may not be the group they originally intended. Similarly, if you accept a client they undoubtedly know people like themselves and will refer more of the same. It is therefore important to focus on your ideal client to get more ideal clients. If your resume doesn’t target the job you want you won’t get the job you want.

You need to be the person you want to be in life, in appearance, online and on paper. It is important to be consistent everywhere so that others who make judgments based on the 1st handshake, the 1st glance, the 1st few lines of an email and the 1st few lines of your resume will judge you the way you intend to be judged. We all judge others even if we try to be fair and impartial. There goes the law, sneaking into everything!

January 4, 2010

I’m right on top of that, Rose!

Lesson #1: Don’t Lie.

Lesson #2: If you do and you get caught (and you will) have an alibi.

Lying to get ahead at work can get you fired.

Lying to get a job will never end well.

Sue Ellen Crandell never got the memo.

In the movie, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, Sue Ellen’s mother goes out of town, leaving her five children alone with a babysitter.  Guess what happens next.  Sue Ellen is the oldest so,  the “17-year-old . . . tries working at a fast food restaurant, but she can’t stand [the paper hat], so she puts together a false resume and, posing as a woman in her 20s, she applies for a job as a receptionist at a [uniform] company. The company’s vice president, Rose Lindsey, is so impressed by her resume that she hires her on the spot as her executive assistant.” (emphasis added.) Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead (1991)

Sue Ellen is successful despite having to hide her age and inexperience from her boss and co-workers, dealing with sexual harassment from her boss’s boyfriend and suffering as a victim of office gossip. But…and you knew this was coming…her mother comes home and catches her, at the height of her success in her new uniform. Sue Ellen’s boyfriend, who really does wear a uniform with a paper hat, shows up at the same time for some comic relief.

Sue Ellen’s lie, her adopting a new persona via a new uniform, works for her; she is offered a job after her eventual graduation. However, we do not live in Hollywood and unless you want to be fired, or never hired, I suggest you stay honest.

I do commend her for her timely French-braid and shoulder-pads, however, just dressing the part, professionally or otherwise, does not mean you belong in the position.

P.S. This movie includes a wonderful cameo by David Duchovney. Is it a cameo if they just weren’t famous yet?

January 4, 2010

Things you don’t know: Reading can make you smarter

Since this is my first post on this blog and I’ve included my first post from my other blog, EventsbyJES, about this blog here on this blog….well, you can see how easily repetition gets confusing, annoying and unnecessary. Just using the same word in the same experience entry can be tiresome. Are there exceptions? Of course. What I suggest to my clients and what I always do myself is, read the resume out loud. Things sound different out loud than they do in your head. Don’t kid yourself and pretend to read it out loud but really not open your mouth or move your lips. Go somewhere, read it out loud. At your desk at work, might not be the smartest place…unless you want them to know you’re looking or potentially looking. While we’re talking about the office using the office printer to print your resume, also, not the smartest move. When reading your resume make a note of what sounds off, clumsy and unclear. It is likely it will sound the same to whomever receives it at your dream job location. You may not see, managed, managed, managed, manager, loves to manage, but you will definitely hear it. You will also see typos when you are reading out loud that you may not have noticed glancing at the paper not engaged. So, avoid repetition by reading your resume out loud and really listening to the language.

With that said, welcome to Attorney’s Counsel, we’re happy to have you. Here’s that blog blog blog post I posted on my other blog. You know, because I’m a blogger…

Now LAUNCHING! No, not a new line from some designer + Target or + H&M….did I mention I took severance? In the past year we’ve all heard so many new ways to say, lost my job, was let go, took severance, etc …While there’s no reason to be blunt or rude, we all know what you mean. We ALL know someone who has been effected: single, married, pregnant, men, women, new moms, anyone, everyone. With that in mind + my experience reviewing 1000s of resumes and interviewing countless candidates I’ve started Attorney’s Counsel: Does Your Resume Rise to the Bar? Attorney’s Counsel will do it all: write your resume, edit your already existing resume from top to bottom, tailor your resume for a specific position, and review your resume to suggest changes you should make on your own when you are ready. Our goal is simple. We will help you get the interview! Your resume alone, however, will not get you the job. You need to interview effectively. Attorney’s Counsel will work with you to generate answers to relevant questions, confirm that your presentation is professional, and give you the confidence to tell a potential employer why you are the best candidate for the job. We will also draft your professional biography should you need one for publication. Feel free to let me know what you think! I’m happy to be back and I look forward to working with you!